Animated Crystal Sign

  • Microprocessor controlled lightning effects in different zones
  • Smooth switching ON/OFF effect, flashing and diffusion zones
  • Quick attention draw
  • Possibility to integrate a switch with pre-defined program options
  • Ultra thin lightbox based on the visual effects of light and shade
  • Creative shape matching exactly your company´s logo style
  • Right for a permanent communication at the point of sale (logo, brand)
  • Standard thickness of the display is only 12mm
  • Light effects customized according to a concrete graphic artwork
    (halo effect, 3D outline effect, illuminated edge, etc.)
  • Excellent graphics processing of all types of artwork (digital print quality)
  • Illumination based on the LED technology (all components made in EU, lifetime 50.000 hrs)
  • Low power consumption (only ¼ in comparison with an ordinary lightbox)
  • Uniform illumination of all displays (from small sizes to large ones)
  • Mounting kit enabling variable placement of the display (counter display, wall display, suspension display)
  • Display can be implemented into the more sophisticated POS stands, products or systems
  • UPS packing standard (suitable for a courier service)
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